Thursday, June 1, 2017



performed by PRIMARY 4A students


... and more and more...


Hodei showing us his hobby

 Eñaut and his dog

 Unai and his dog

 Ariane and her favourite book

 Desiree and her turtle

 Haizea speaking about the family

 Aratz and the flute

 Maren talking about her favourite sports

 Urko and his family and friends

 Josu having fun!

 Ayala talking about clycling

 Arrate and her friends

Judith and her cat

 Xuban and his dog

 Deiane and her family and friends

 Haizea singing

 Ane and her family

 Eneko and the Legos

 Maitane and her animals

 Lander and his favourite ball

 Luken and his family

 Haniel talking about his trips

 Igor with his favourite toy

 Kristian and his dog

 Maite and her favourite toy

 Maren playing the flute

 Amagoia and her paintings

 Sofia and her hobby

 Odei and his family

 Iker talking about his favourite occupation

 Jon with his family

 Ganix and his favourite game

 Ayelen and her dogs

 Aloña and her friends

Izar with her doll

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Look at these fantastic calendars made by our 4th graders!!!!!


What is show and tell activity?

Show & Tell is an activity for young children, in this case 5th and 6th graders, in which each participant brings an object of unusual interest to the classroom and tells something about it. 

The aim of this activity is to develop children’s interest in learning English through making use of vocabulary that interests them.

The rest of the students are expected to listen quietly and not to interrupt. They are also encouraged to ask questions about the objects which the speaker is discussing. 

Here you have some photographs of our learners: 

Eider and the turtle

Unax and his turtle

Joana and her cuddly toy

Adrian with his fish

Lander talking about his cat

Nahia dancing

Isabel and her blanket

Oier and his stress ball

Odei talking about the family

Alaitz and her favourite toy

Andrea's dog

Aitor showing his handicraft

Little Iker

Aiora and the mountain

Mireia speaking about her favourite toy

Gael and his book

Nahia and her family

Xuban's family and friends

Oier's funny keys

Daniel and the guinea pig

Gorka's special card

                           ... TO BE CONTINUED ...